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TAEKWONDO INTERNATIONAL DOJANGS is a unit of RMS Business Enterprises. It represents a rapidly growing organization of Taekwondo schools, clubs and associations within the country. Our collective aims are to promote, make available and further the growth of Taekwondo in India. We follow the World Taekwondo Federation style and its internationally recognized syllabus.

The organization is an affiliated and registered member of the Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, Seoul, Korea which is recognized by both the World Taekwondo and Kukkiwon. The Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy has registered members and affiliated associations in over fifty countries.


Korean Grand Master Chang Seong Dong (9th Dan Black Belt, WTF) is both the Director and Founder of the Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, Korea. He provides personal and invaluable overseas’ guidance, encouragement and expertise to Taekwondo International Dojangs’ taekwondo activities and aspirations. World famous Grand Master Chang travels extensively and regularly conducts his prized Taekwondo seminars, sharing his innovative styles and winning methods, in the more than fifty countries he is actively involved and associated with.

An ex-Korean Marines Taekwondo Instructor, he is a former student of and was an instructor with Korean Grand Master Lee Young Kun, ex- President of the International Referees of the World Taekwondo Federation. Grand Master Chang is now also rated as one of the top 10 living Korean 9th DAN WTF Grand Masters. With his first official teaching visit to India more than forty years ago, he is also fondly recognized as being the Korean father of Taekwondo in India

International Master Instructor, Manoz Yonzone (7th DAN Black Belt/Director of Taekwondo International Dojangs) has been a senior practicing student of Korean Grand Master Chang since the past 25 years. A multi-stylist and former National Taekwondo Champion, he holds Black Belts in several martial arts styles (Choi Kwang Do/Hapkido/Karate). He has been actively involved in the Oriental Martial Arts for the past 43 years. He has been regularly training overseas in both the USA and Korea since 1995. He has officiated in numerous National and International Taekwondo Championships and events as a referee, jury member, coach, team director and technical advisor. Master Yonzone is the Master Instructor (India) of Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, Korea and the former Chief Instructor (India) for Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts International (USA).He is also the current President of the Sangrok World Hapkido Federation of India.


Collectively, the top four senior most Instructors alone bring in more than 175 years of Martial Arts experience. The Chief Executive Instructor and Senior Instructors of Taekwondo International Dojangs are all Internationally Certified from the World Taekwondo / Kukkiwon, Korea. Some have both trained and instructed overseas too. Quite a few of them have attained Master Instructor Certifications and have over forty years of involvement and experience in the arts. Some instructors are also former State, National and International competitors and champions too.

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Event - (2018-2019)

- The Lepcha Taekwondo Dojang from Delhi joined Taekwondo International Dojangs as an affiliated member in June 2018. The Delhi based Taekwondo Dojang is led by its Chief Instructor, Denjok Lepcha (1st DAN/ WTF). At the 3rd Delhi Open Taekwondo Championships held in early November, the team won 17 Gold, 24 Silver and 1 Bronze and were also awarded the 2nd Best Team Trophy.

- Taekwondo International Dojangs welcomed its newest member in September, 2018. The new member – the Chhibo Taekwondo Training Institute - created local Taekwondo history on its inauguration day itself by bringing more than 130 children into the Taekwondo fold in one single day. The age group varied from excited five year olds to thirty year old enthusiasts.
The Taekwondo program at Chhibo, Kalimpong, is a community supported program whose vision is to further strengthen the ties and bonding in the rural area through the introduction of and experience of Taekwondo. The Taekwondo International Dojangs demonstration team gave an impressive display of Korean Taekwondo skills to celebrate the birth of the Chhibo Taekwondo Training Institute. The Girls High School band too added colour and lent support by leading the opening ceremony with their musical talents and impeccable march past. The local children also shared their vast diverse talents performing cultural dances and songs and adding gaiety to the festivities. Local dignitaries and celebrities attended and graced the opening celebrations.



Master Michael Hou (4th DAN WTF) visited his childhood hometown of Kalimpong in early October 2018. He also presided over the 23rd Batch Belt Promotion Exams. He spoke at length with the young children, sharing his experiences of relocating to a foreign country that he has now adopted as his new home and how his Taekwondo experiences helped him stay positive and focused during his initial years there. The children received new insights to what Taekwondo had to offer towards enhancing their own lives and changing the direction of their futures. Master Michael Hou currently lives in Canada where he continues to work as a decorated police officer with the Toronto Metropolitan Police.

January 2019:

- Taekwondo International Dojangs opened its new training center headquarters in Siliguri on the 06th of January, 2019. It is located at MoZEN, Metro Heights (5th Floor), Commercial Complex, Don Bosco More, Sevoke Road. The air conditioned Sky Studio at MoZEN has plush interiors with modern amenities and a Zen ambience and experience, soothingly amplified in its simple and minimalistic designs. It offers world class training facilities with a “safety-first” environment. International Master Instructor – Manoz Yonzone (7th DAN) – is the Technical Director and personally teaches classes here.

- Taekwondo International Dojangs conducted its Kyorugi Referee Training Course to its new batch of senior Taekwondo students. Fifteen students successfully attended the one week training course which was held in Kalimpong at the Jubilee H.S. School Hall in mid-January. It was conducted by its leading senior Instructors, namely Masters Pasang Foning (5th DAN), Stephen Rai (3rd DAN) and Roman Pradhan (2nd DAN).


- Taekwondo International Dojangs held its Inter-School Taekwondo Championships 2019 on the 5th and 6th of February. It was held at the Jubilee Higher Secondary School, Kalimpong. More than 150 students took part in the meet. Competition was held for both boys and girls in the cadet, junior and senior categories. The Best Fighter award (Seniors – Male) was given to Cyrus Chettri of Chhibo Taekwondo Training Institute while Binita Rai of Jubilee Central Dojang was awarded the Best Fighter trophy (Seniors – Female). Sujel Rai and Jennifer Rai, both from Stephen’s Taekwondo Dojang, won the Best Fighter Awards in the Junior Boys and Girls categories. Chhibo Taekwondo Training Institute with a medal haul of twenty-one Gold medals was declared the overall Team Champion. Stephen’s Taekwondo Dojang took the 1st Runner’s-Up Trophy and also the Most Disciplined Team Trophy. Master Sherap Lepcha (3rd DAN) was awarded the Instructor of the Year Award for his exemplary efforts and selfless dedication in bringing Korean Taekwondo into the lives of more than 130 children at Chhibo.

- The Principal of Jubilee Higher Secondary School, Kalimpong, Mr Mani Bhujel and Master Instructor Pasang Foning (5th DAN) were felicitated for their years of involvement and generous contributions in furthering the growth, availability and popularity of Korean Taekwondo in Kalimpong at the Inter-School Taekwondo Championships 2019.

- On the 09th of February, the Campion International School’s Taekwondo Team gave a demonstration for the visiting parents and school fraternity on the occasion of their Annual School Activities Day.

MARCH 2019:

- 31 March (Sunday) – Grading Examinations for White to Yellow and Green to Blue and Blue to Red Belt grades were held for the students of Chhibo Taekwondo Training Institute at the Glenn Foundation Community Hall, Chhibo, Kalimpong.

APRIL 2019:

- International Taekwondo and Hapkido Seminar at MoZEN, Sevoke Road, Siliguri: - The two days seminar was conducted by the world famous Korean Grand Master CHANG SEONG DONG (9th DAN WTF Taekwondo / 8th DAN Hapkido). The event was held in Campion International School (Day One) and at MoZEN (Day Two) on the 25th and 26th of April. Participants were taught the latest training methods, kyorugi techniques, Olympic Sports Taekwondo and poomsae plus were introduced to the eclectic Korean martial art of Hapkido.
Master Chang is rated as one of the top 10 Korean 9th DAN Grand Masters in the world. He is also the founder and director of the Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, Seoul, Korea. It is recognized by both the World Taekwondo and Kukkiwon. He has active registered member associations in over fifty countries.

- Grading /Belt Promotion Examinations for students from the Kalimpong Jubilee Taekwondo Dojang and Stephen’s Taekwondo Dojang were held on the 28th. The event was held at the Jubilee HS School Hall. All affiliated member dojangs/schools qualifying students were tested for their new grades/belts.

MAY 2019:

- Two separate International Taekwondo and Hapkido Seminars were held at KALIMPONG on the 04th and 05th of May. The venues were the Jubilee HS School and the Chhibo Taekwondo Training Institute. The seminars were held over two days.

They were conducted by the world famous Korean Grand Master CHANG SEONG DONG (9th DAN Taekwondo / 8th DAN Hapkido) as part of his ongoing 2019 International Taekwondo and Hapkido Seminar Series. His next schedules were in Australia and Norway. Participants were taught the latest training methods, kyorugi techniques, Olympic Sports Taekwondo and poomsae plus they were also introduced to the eclectic Korean martial of Hapkido. Over 150 Taekwondo International Dojangs students participated in these two prized seminars.

JUNE 2019:

One month Special Week-End Training (Sat/Sun/Mon) for upcoming Championships (Kyorugi & Poomsae) aka SUMMER TRAINING CAMP 2019 was held at the Jubilee HS School Hall, Kalimpong.

JULY 2019:

- Students from Taekwondo International Dojangs participated in the 2nd Kalimpong District Inter-School Taekwondo Championship on the 18th & 19th July. The event venue was held at St Georges School, Pedong.

- Players from Taekwondo Interntional Dojangs competed in the 8th Open State Taekwondo Championships. The venue was at Biswa Bangla Krirangan, Jalpaiguri. The team won the Runner’s Up Team Trophy with many players winning GOLD in their categories.


- The Annual Parents/Teacher’s Meeting followed with a short Taekwondo Demonstration was held at the Jubilee HS School Hall on the 22nd of September. Mr Denjok Lepcha, affiliated member from Delhi (Lepcha Taekwondo Dojang), was also felicitated with his Kukkiwon DAN Certification during the occasion.

- Qualifying players from Taekwondo International Dojangs competed at the State Inter-School Taekwondo Championship. The venue for girls was at Hooghly and for boys it was in Kalimpong.


Coloured Belts Grading/Promotion Examinations for the students of Kalimpong Jubilee Taekwondo Dojang and Stephen’s Taekwondo Dojang was held on the 20th of October at the Jubilee HS School Hall. Students tested for the Green Belt grade till the Red/Black Stripe grades. Kukkiwon Black Belt (1st DAN) Examinations were also held for the qualifying 2019 batch of students.


- Taekwondo International Dojangs welcomed its newest affiliated member – JEONSA TAEKWONDO DOJANG. It is founded by Black Belt (1st DAN) Instructor, Pawan Paul Bardewa. The new Dojang is located in Relli Tar at the LOT Mission Compound, Kalimpong.

- Players from Taekwondo International Dojangs competed at the 2nd Kanchenjunga Taekwondo Championship. The event was held on the 2nd and 3rd at St Roberts School, Darjeeling. The 50 member strong team was awarded the overall Team Champion Trophy.

- Black Belt (1st DAN) Instructor, Bishal Gurung, opened his EECHEY TAEKWONDO SCHOOL during the last week of November. The school is an affiliated member of Taekwondo International Dojangs.


- The Campion International School Taekwondo Demonstration Team gave a Taekwondo display on the 21st of December on the occasion of their Annual Concorde Festivities.

- A 19 member elite team participated in the 4th India TIA Open International Taekwondo Championship 2019 held at Kolkata. The Championship was promoted and organized by the Korean Cultural Association of Kolkata and the Korean Taekwondo Masters Association of India at the Khudiram Anushilan Kendra (Netaji Indoor Stadium) on the 23rd and 24th of December.

- Taekwondo International Dojangs players won 6 GOLD, 4 Silvers and 4 Bronze Medals at the Championships. Miss SONALIKA RAI won GOLD in Poomsae and a Silver Medal in Kyorugi in her weight category. Notable was the impressive DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL wins of Miss RINZING LAMA. She won both the Poomsae title and her favourite event – Kyorugi.

-Taekwondo International Dojangs won the Team Runner’s-Up Trophy with a medal haul of 15 GOLD, 14 Silver and 11 Bronze at the 29th State & North Bengal Taekwondo Championships. The event was held on the 28th & 29th of December at Jalpaiguri.


Taekwondo & Yoga Seminar:

Organized by Taekwondo International

Dojangs in association with Master Dipesh Sangray (2nd DAN) of Darjeeling Youth Taekwondo Academy. The seminar will be conducted by International Master Instructor Manoz Yonzone (7th DAN). The event will be hoisted on the 21st and 22nd January at MoZEN, Taekwondo International Dojangs Headquarters (Metro Heights 5th Floor, Commercial Complex, Sevoke Road, Siliguri).


  • Inter-School Taekwondo Championships 2020 at Kalimpong on 8th and 9th February.
  • Bengal Police Taekwondo District Games 2020 in Kalimpong (Dates to be Announced ).
  • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Games 2020 in Kolkata (Dates to be Announced ).

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