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Being an Oriental Martial Art, etiquette and behavioral traits and expectations in learning Taekwondo and in a Taekwondo class is hugely based on and influenced by Oriental culture. One gradually learns to be humble, simple and passive while also cultivating the art of suppressing one’s ego and being calm and confident. This process and experience gradually evolves to the suppressing of the aggression within and the emergence of a zen-like aura through the contrasting opposite physicality of Taekwondo training and practice. This is the reflection and essence of the harmony of the yin and yang in our lives; the balance we seek to own. There is a lot of mutual respect and tolerance shown and exchanged between practitioners and the entire fraternity. Integrity of character, team work, patience, loyalty, discipline, willingness to listen and learn and work hard towards achieving one’s set goals plus the nurturing and development of an indomitable spirit is hugely emphasized on and encouraged. Taekwondo taps into one’s inherent potentials and talents and ensures the person becomes an achiever in all areas of life.

What we believe in, adhere to and emphasize on in Taekwondo International Dojangs:

- Strive to promote and inculcate the true spirit of the “Martial Arts” in your everyday lives by following and incorporating the tenets of Taekwondo

  • - “No journey is travelled alone – No dream realized solely on one’s own …”
  • - “There are no finish lines – Only new beginnings …”
  • - Cultivating leadership, team spirit and respect through Taekwondo
  • - Bringing and sharing the progressive positive benefits of Taekwondo
  • - To promote, develop and further the growth, availability and popularity of Taekwondo in India

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